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Policy 12 - Female Genital Mutilation to carry a lengthy jail term

Presently, female genital mutilation (FGM) is criminalised by State and Territory Laws.

Furthermore, in each State and Territory, the laws apply extraterritorially to protect Australian residents from being subjected to FGM overseas. Accordingly, the existing legislation provides extensive criminalisation both within and outside Australia. in 1998 a Model Criminal Code for  FGM was produced and sought imprisonment of up to 15 years for some specified offences. As it stands, States and Territories vary in the penalties for the offence of FGM depending on the actions undertaken by the offender. Whilst not uniform, the offences carry significant custodial sentences.

There is an oft improperly held view that FGM is an Islamic commandment or an action that is exclusively held within Muslim households. It is in fact, more a cultural practice as opposed to a religious instruction. Much of the reported instances of FGM are reported through the African continent are not only attributable to adherents of Islam but also to persons of Christian and persons of a non religious background.

To imply that FGM is an Islamic commandment, somehow exclusively practiced in Australia by members of the Islamic faith is erroneous and intellectually dishonest. One Nation has provided no evidence to substantiate any claim in this regard.

It should be noted that Islam explicitly mandates that Muslims are to respect the law of the land in which they reside so Muslims engaging in conduct that us in breach of any Australian legislation are not properly engaged in their faith.