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Fact Checking our way through Pauline Hanson's One nation policies

Policy 6 - No more Mosques to be built until the inquiry is held

As discussed in our response to One Nation's Policy 5 above, One Nation is calling for a Royal Commission to inquire into whether Islam is a religion or a political ideology. Pauline Hanson is seeking to have laws made which prohibit the construction of mosques until the inquiry is concluded.


Mosques must comply with normal planning requirements. In some instances proposed designs for mosques may be seen as inappropriate for a particular area by the local planning authorities. Such developments are negotiated or litigated in the same manner as all other development proposals. Similarly, religious practices such as the broadcast of the call to prayer using noise amplification systems may be prohibited by council ordinance as incompatible with the quiet enjoyment of different elements of a community. These requirements do not discriminate against Muslim's on the basis of religious prejudice but are part of normal civic relations.


However, to institute a general ban on the construction of mosques on the absurd conspiracy theory that the "religious aspect" of Islam is a fraud, would be discrimination based solely on religious prejudice. As it cannot be sensibly be argued that there is a genuine issue as to whether Islam is a religion, such laws would clearly be in breach of the protections in section 116 of the Constitution.